Momentum Pressure Control, formerly Snubco USA LLC. Same Management Team. Same Ownership. Only a Name Change.

Same Company. New Name

Snubco USA has changed to Momentum Pressure Control. We are still the SAME company, SAME people, SAME work ethic and goals just new name and logo. This change was strictly done for a contract clause that Mr. Kindred and Mr. Lee had to sign after the purchase of the US division from our previous partners. There are no financial problems, no buyouts, no troubles, etc.

If anyone has questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at our same numbers. If you have needs for Snubbing, N2, Fluid pumping, Hot Tap and Freezing we are still here, we are as strong as ever and we are not going anywhere! Thank you!

About Us


Snubbing is a method that ensures that wells under pressure can be safely serviced.

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Leading the Industry

Momentum Pressure Control is founded on more than 20 years of oil and gas industry experience.

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Our Services



Momentum Pressure Control’s Rig Assist snubbing services use the safest and most efficient equipment available. Our equipment can be used with a wide variety of rig set-ups from a small single workover rig to a large triple drilling rig.

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Momentum Pressure Control has a dedicated fleet of nitrogen units and professionals ready to meet your service call 24-hours a day. Our professionals can advise you on your project and implement a cost effective nitrogen solution to optimize your production.

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Fluid Pumping

Whether used in conjunction with our snubbing units or for stand-alone projects our fluid pumping services are ready to support your completion operations. Our team of professionals place a premium on safety and efficiency, our goal is to win your trust every single day.

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Special Services

Freeze Applications are commonly used to replace damaged equipment or to allow access without killing the well. It is an inexpensive and safe way to control well pressures during regular well maintenance where removal of the wellhead, pipeline or auxiliary equipment is required.

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Knowledge transcends borders and our skilled professionals are standing by, ready to meet your well servicing needs.


Momentum Pressure Control, LLC is proud to announce a partnership with Houston Energy Service Pty.